Centre of Media Studies

In 21st Century the media has a wide spectrum to cover e.g.newspaper , television, radio, mobile, and internet and so on and so forth. The Media Industry is going global, becoming digital and converging. In our country Media Industry is growing at the rate of 20 percent per annum. Entertainment and media, together, form the country's sixth biggest industry, with 3.5 million people working in it.

Within the next 4-5 years, the industry is expected to cross eighty thousand crores annually. Media organization is now looking to optimize its reach across platforms such as newspaper, T.V., IPTV, Radio, Internet and Mobile. As converging media (Cross Media) content involves more than one platform, so it has a high demand of multi-skilled media persons.

The Centre prepares students for employment in the media industry. The courses has been designed for the real world of contemporary media. Students will work with industry-standard equipment gaining skills in media production (print, broadcast and online), research, communication, reporting and media handling.

We believe that a combination of writing and production skills either in print, television or radio; a broad understanding of the media and the ability to think critically are essential for people who are planning careers in the rapidly evolving media industry.

  • To prepare students for the Indian media industry.
  • To provide a solid theoretical background in journalism.
  • To provide a practical exposure in Journalism for print & electronic media.
  • To provide a set of ethics for them to imbibe.
  • To provide a marketing orientation to them.
Scope of Employment

Students can opt for career in print, electronic, broadcast (radio) and web media as well as in field of public relation and advertisement.

  1. Photography Lab:
    Film cameras, Digital cameras of various range and qualities, Photo scanner, Laser printer, Fully equipped dark-room, Well equipped studio with studio light system.
  2. Videography & Editing Lab: Cameras: Five DV cameras and one HDV camera Editing Systems: Mac Platform, also Pinnacle Liquid Edition, Pinnacle Studio, Hi-end Computers, Acaustic system and other accessories of Videography.
  3. Computer Lab:
    The Centre has well equipped lab with Video editing, Photo editing, Page making & designing software.
  4. Media Research Cell:
    The Centre has well equipped Media Research Cell. Within Research Cell a diverse group of scholars and students is researching and debating questions of media history; media policy, technologies and practice; literary and cultural history; politics and power and new media developments.
  5. Library:
    The Centre has rich repository of books and journals.
Workshops & Seminars

The one innovative method of teaching adopted by the Centre is teaching and training through workshops. Top level professionals from media industry and institutions i.e. Satish K. Singh, Qamar Wahid Naqvi, Shashi Shekhar, Rahul Dev, Punya Prasun Bajpai, Priyadarshan, Ashutosh, Sikta Deb, Nagma, Rajesh Badal, S. N. Sinha, Sheetal Rajpoot, Ritul Joshi, Amit Rai, Umesh Gogna, T. Dasgupta etc. deliver interactive lectures, conduct workshops on various media practices like photography, script writing, video film making, how to become a successful anchor in electronic media and new trends in journalism etc.

Publication & Production
  • Journal of Media Studies (February and August)
  • 'Bargad' monthly magazine
  • Lab newspaper 'Swagat'

The Annual exhibition of photographs and presentation of visual production of the students, 'Dastak' is organised every year .

1. BA in Media Studies ( 6 Semesters)


  • Development of Journalism
  • Introduction to Mass Communication
  • Functional Hindi
  • Functional English
  • Fundamentals of Computer Application


  • Understanding News (Judgment, Gathering,
    Classification & Writing of News with introduction to news photography)
  • Translation work (Hindi-English- Hindi)
  • Theories and Models of mass communication
  • Introduction to Sociology & Culture Study
  • Industrial Lab Semester


  • Creative Media Writing
  • New Media and Web Journalism
  • Photojournalism & Digital Photography
  • Making of Indian Society and Relation to media
  • Post Processing including Video Editing
  • Practical


  • Advertising & Public Relation
  • Broadcast Journalism (TV & Radio)
  • Understanding Cinema
  • Film Making
  • Video Editing & Post Production.


  • Copy Writing and Editing
  • Researching the Media and Audience
  • Communication Research
  • Media Management, Ethics and Press Law
  • Web Publishing & Blogging.


  • Project Work
  • Presentation and Viva-Voce
  • Internship

2. B. Voc in Media Studies (6 Semesters)


  • Introduction to Media and Mass Communication
  • Introduction to Digital Photography
  • Image Processing and Printing
  • Communication and Writing Skill - Hindi
  • Fundamentals of Computer Application


  • Introduction to Video Camera and Videography
  • Television Production - I (News)
  • Communication and Writing Skill - English
  • Indian Society and Development Communication
  • Computer Software for Print Media
  • Training/Workshop
  • Internship


  • Television Production - II (Programs)
  • Video Editing and Post Production
  • Introduction to Photojournalism
  • Translation : Hindi-English-Hindi/ Democracy,
    Human Rights and Mass Media


  • New Media and Online Journalism
  • Radio Journalism and Audio Editing
  • Basics of Advertising and Public Relation
  • Indian Government and Politics
  • Professional Communication and Technical Writing
  • Training/Workshop/Internship


  • Creative Writing
  • Understanding Cinema
  • Introduction to Indian Economy
  • Media Industry and Management
  • Media Law and Ethics


  • News Writing and Scripting for Print and T.V.
  • Documentary Film Making
  • Communication Research
  • Project Work & Presentation
  • One month Internship

3. M. Voc in Media Studies (4 Semesters)


  • Development of Journalism & Mass Communication
  • Visual Communication & T.V. Journalism
  • Animation Techniques
  • Globalization & World Media Scenario
  • Computer Software for Print Media


  • Advance Digital Photography & Image Processing
  • Web Publishing & Online Media Production
  • Production of Radio Programmes
  • Campaign, Planning and Management
  • Media and Cultural Studies
  • Training/Workshop
  • Internship


  • Mass Media Research
  • Advance Photojournalism
  • Production of Short Film and Documentaries
  • Corporate Communication
  • Media Entrepreneurship


  • Elective any two(Advance Reporting
  • Advance Technique and Trends in Photojournalism
  • Television News Production
  • News Website Development)
  • Project Work/Dissertation
  • Presentation and Viva-voce
  • Two Months Internship
Dr. Dhananjai ChopraCourse Coordinator - Resource Person
Mr. S K YadavResource Person
Mr. Vidya Sagar MishraResource Person
Dr. Ritu MathurResource Person
Ms. Priyanka MishraSoft Skill Trainer
Mr. Sachin MehrotraTechnical Officer
Mr. Amit MauryaTechnical Officer

Name : Ankit Kumar Singh
Father's Name : Mr. Surya Bhan Singh
Course : M. Voc Media Studies

Name : Shivam Mishra
Father's Name : Mr. Mukesh Mishra
Course : M. Voc Media Studies

Name : Sundram Chaurasia
Father's Name : Mr. Ranjan Chaurasia
Course : M. Voc Media Studies

Name : Ayushi Ojha
Father's Name : Mr. Atul Ojha
Course : B. Voc Media Studies

Name : Neha Singh
Father's Name : Mr. Vijay Bahadur Singh
Course : B. Voc Media Studies

Name : Sakshi Gupta
Father's Name : Mr. Sharvan Gupta
Course : B. Voc Media Studies

Name : Piyush Pandey
Father's Name : Mr. Ram Baran Pandey
Course : M. Voc Media Studies

Name : Sandhya Yadav
Father's Name : Mr. Om Prakash Yadav
Course : B. Voc Media Studies

Name : Vandana Shukla
Father's Name : Mr. Narendra Shukla
Course : B. Voc Media Studies

Name : Anshika Jaiswal
Father's Name : Mr. Gaya Prasad Jaiswal
Course : B. Voc Media Studies

Name : Ankita Singh
Father's Name : Mr. Rajesh Singh
Course : M. Voc Media Studies

Name : Saumya Chitranshi
Father's Name : Mr. Hari Krishna Srivastava
Course : B. Voc Media Studies

Name : Ankita Mishra
Father's Name : Mr. Sharda Prasad Mishra
Course : B. Voc Media Studies

Name : Neelanjana Tripathi
Father's Name : Mr. S K Tripathi
Course : M. Voc Media Studies

Name : Somendra Singh
Father's Name : Mr. Krishna Prasad Singh
Course : B. Voc Media Studies

Name : Sunil Kumar
Father's Name : Mr. Dharam Pal Singh
Course : B. Voc Media Studies

Name : Abhishek Tiwari
Father's Name : Mr. Shashi Kumar Tiwari
Course : B. Voc Media Studies

Name : Chandni Sahu
Father's Name : Mr.Jagdeesh Prasad
Course : B.A. in Media Studies