Message from the Vice-Chancellor

My first and warm greetings to the entire fraternity of the University of Allahabad. As I assume the responsibilities of the Vice Chancellor of this great institution, pride and hope fill my heart. As the fourth oldest university of the country, established in the year 1887, the University of Allahabad has continued to fulfill its responsibility of enriching the country with thinkers, scientists, entrepreneurs, administrators, writers, artists and politicians. I feel privileged and honored to serve this University as the first woman Vice Chancellor.

I join this prestigious office with the commitment to not only keep up the past glories but also to steer the institution on the path to new directions in keeping with the demands of the new times. The last few years have changed the nature of demands from an education of higher learning with unprecedented developments in sciences and opening up of the boundaries of the subjects into interdisciplinary nature. The New Education Policy 2020 reflects the shift in vision regarding education from the creation of a resource pool to a path of holistic development of the person.

Let us aspire to build the institution back into a centre for excellence not just in the official sense but also in the perception of the people. Interdisciplinary nature of research. I assure you of my complete support for any proposal and effort towards our University growing into a vibrant space for learning, growth and grooming the future builders of the nation.

The University will only succeed in its vision in the years to come if the students can achieve their potential not just in terms of academic excellence but also in co-curricular areas of sports, culture and art. We strive to provide an environment for their all-round development.Their success reflects upon the perception of the people regarding the institution.

We have some of the best minds in academics as the faculty of the University who have brought credibility to the University in research. We have tried to provide them support of infrastructure and we will step up the effort to meet the shortfalls so that their work is as unhindered and hassel-free as possible. Our focus has to be on broadening the base of the nature of research and making it interdisciplinary and socially useful.

I acknowledge the contribution of all the alumni who have made an indelible mark wherever they reached and proved the logo of the University "Quot Rami Tot Arbores". We urge our alumni for their active coordination, cooperation, guidance and constructive suggestion for the betterment of their alma mater.

If the university is to succeed in broadening its horizons of success, it needs the contribution and support of all the stakeholders including the students, the teachers, the staff, the guardians and the people. I urge all of you to come together to create an environment where this aspiration is fulfilled.

Prof. Sangita Srivastava
Vice Chancellor


Name : Ankit Kumar Singh
Father's Name : Mr. Surya Bhan Singh
Course : M. Voc Media Studies

Name : Shivam Mishra
Father's Name : Mr. Mukesh Mishra
Course : M. Voc Media Studies

Name : Sundram Chaurasia
Father's Name : Mr. Ranjan Chaurasia
Course : M. Voc Media Studies

Name : Ayushi Ojha
Father's Name : Mr. Atul Ojha
Course : B. Voc Media Studies

Name : Neha Singh
Father's Name : Mr. Vijay Bahadur Singh
Course : B. Voc Media Studies

Name : Sakshi Gupta
Father's Name : Mr. Sharvan Gupta
Course : B. Voc Media Studies

Name : Piyush Pandey
Father's Name : Mr. Ram Baran Pandey
Course : M. Voc Media Studies

Name : Sandhya Yadav
Father's Name : Mr. Om Prakash Yadav
Course : B. Voc Media Studies

Name : Vandana Shukla
Father's Name : Mr. Narendra Shukla
Course : B. Voc Media Studies

Name : Anshika Jaiswal
Father's Name : Mr. Gaya Prasad Jaiswal
Course : B. Voc Media Studies

Name : Ankita Singh
Father's Name : Mr. Rajesh Singh
Course : M. Voc Media Studies

Name : Saumya Chitranshi
Father's Name : Mr. Hari Krishna Srivastava
Course : B. Voc Media Studies

Name : Ankita Mishra
Father's Name : Mr. Sharda Prasad Mishra
Course : B. Voc Media Studies

Name : Neelanjana Tripathi
Father's Name : Mr. S K Tripathi
Course : M. Voc Media Studies

Name : Somendra Singh
Father's Name : Mr. Krishna Prasad Singh
Course : B. Voc Media Studies

Name : Sunil Kumar
Father's Name : Mr. Dharam Pal Singh
Course : B. Voc Media Studies

Name : Abhishek Tiwari
Father's Name : Mr. Shashi Kumar Tiwari
Course : B. Voc Media Studies

Name : Chandni Sahu
Father's Name : Mr.Jagdeesh Prasad
Course : B.A. in Media Studies